Day: February 7, 2014

Buzzed Olympics

Ya right! Like I was the only one last night watching men’s figure skating. I am a huge fan of the Olympics and I will watch everything  for the next two weeks. I wish the best for USA…….Well except maybe the curling team. What the hell is curling and who else besides the Olympians have ever played that? I played shuffle board on a cruise once but that’s pretty much a fancy way of playing beer pong in public. Curling looks lame. Ya, I SAID IT!

“Oh Hello there. That is a sweet medal you have around your neck. You must have worked your whole entire life to get to the Olympics. What sport did you get that in?”


(awkward Pause) Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket

My mom used to sweep the floor but I didn’t think she deserved a medal or anything.

I am super excited for the opening ceremonies tonight and that’s all I am doing on my Friday night. I’m sure I will have a beer or 7 but just to take the edge off.

Why did the world agree to have the Olympics in Sochi Russia? Putin is such a dick and the rest of the world hates him…..Or is that just me?

I hope your moms get to watch the Olympics too.