Hella Bitter

Happy Valentines day or Happy Friday if you are like me…..

Here is a card that most of you should get…..

“Happy Valentines day. There is no one else in this world that I would rather lay in bed and play on our phones with”

Soak up the love and attention today from your Husbands/Boyfriends because tomorrow they will go back to neglecting you.



  1. Haha. As usual, you put things into perspective. I have a rule: if he’s playing with anything in our bed…it better be me. But you’ve heard this before. How bad is it that I spent most of valentines day playing on my phone with you and magpie?

  2. I’m here for the first time. Reading around. Laughing. I’m digging your dry, sarcastic wit. And I see M in here, commenting her ass off. How the hell do you two know each other? Oh wait. The Bachelor! I should of been Sherlock.

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