Hella music

I don’t play any instruments. I don’t know how to produce an album. I don’t know anything about pitch. But I know that I love music more than anything in my life. Art is a close second but I guess music falls under art.
When I wake up in the mornings I have music on while I get ready for work. When I get into my car i plug my phone in and listen to an album that I love. When I get to work I plug my phone in and listen to a playlist. When I drive home I plug my phone in and listen to more music. I have to have music on most of the time. Everything evolves around music and sound. Music can put me into a happy mood, sad mood, it can wake you up and it can calm you down. I believe there is a song for every occasion. I love being able to hear a song and remember exactly when and where i was in my life when that song was important to me. Who it reminded me of. How it made me feel. Good times and bad times. What else can bring all that back? I love going to concerts and I have probably been to over a couple of hundred in my lifetime. I wish I had a list of them all. Such great memories.

Music is everywhere. Try saying the alphabet without singing it. I dare you. I can remember a song I loved from 1988 word for word But I can’t remember the information from my history book that year. That’s amazing to me.

I would list out bands that I love but I would be on here forever. Instead I will show a couple of albums that I am Into this week. I suggest you check them out if you are looking for something new. I only like great stuff.

Silversun Pickups


Band of Horses


The Sounds


Kings of leon


We were promised jetpacks


Schoolboy Q


Kanye west


I use rhapsody on my phone. I pay $10 a month and I can listen to anything I want at anytime. No need to download , unless you want to. It’s all streaming.

Wonder what I will like next week?

What are you into? I love discovering new bands.


  1. I. Love. Music. So. Much. I’m exactly the same way. Music makes up the soundtrack to my daily life in every way. Very rarely will you come into my house without some song blaring in the background. Even after the kids go to bed, the music continues to play. You’re speakin my language here.

    I wish that instead of the pictures, you would have included the songs b/c I’m not familiar with some of this music, but I’m about to get real familiar with it since it’s time to clean house, which is the best excuse to crank up some tunes.

    Happy Friday!

    1. For me, I like to put an album on and listen to the whole thing. I don’t jump around song to song. Listening to the whole thing over and over is how I discover most of the amazing songs that I love. If I post an album it’s because it’s good start to finish. Well balanced. Ya know?

      1. I know what you’re saying for sure. And I didn’t even think about the fact that you were talking about the entire album. I like a little bit of both. Sometimes, I want to hear an entire album, but other times, I like a mixture. I might just have to get rhapsody.

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