The Bachelor-The Women Tell All…………

Whats up everyone? I hope you all had an amazing week and are braving the weather wherever you are……Its sprinkling right now in my hometown. I better hunker down and stock up on water and canned goods. 

How sad. This is almost the last time I get to write this season and The Women Tell All is my least favorite episode. All they do is sit around and talk shit about each other still like it even matters. I hope they throw JP under the bus hard. He is such a creepy asshole.
I can never find anything to say about these shows since the shit talking is already being done for me…..BUT in the spirit of the Oscars last night maybe I should talk about how everyone looks and what they are wearing…..Oh Shit! If that wasn’t the gayest thing that I ever said than I don’t know what is…….#gayness
Ok, Right off the bat I am reminded that I never watched the Sean and Catherine wedding. I think I am ok with that(its still on my DVR though).
HAHAHAHA. Catherine said “Quick Fireworks” so awesome. What does she expect a super slow romantic sex sesh? If they never slept together before its gonna be quick. Trust me. He should have squeezed a quick one off before so he could last longer….Such a rookie move.
The fuck is this Muppets Bullshit all about.
Kelly-I’m glad this bitch brought her dog again. What a dumbass. her lazy eye still bothers me for the record and I am glad a friendly tribe of indians beaded her dress for her.
Andi looks amazing and I love her teal dress. Good color for her. She is very pretty.
They keep showing a chicks legs but I cant see who it is. She has cellulite…..Cellulite looks better tan 😉
My girl Kat is running the show so far. She is good looking to. I always liked her….Plus her boobs are extremely large. I like her hair off to one side. Thats a cute look.
Sharleen still looks like a raving bitch to me and I don’t like her still. She seems so uptight and I want to wrap her ear rings around her neck at this point. She is just awkward. 
I cant even comment on anyones dress because they only show the girls for like a second each. Renee’s dress is a little boring. That little slut! JK. She is already in a situation? Stoked for her because she deserves someone who is going to be good to her. Lucky guy.
Andi faked sleep? Thats not what I thought she was going to fake in the fantasy suite. I love andi. She is gorgeous. I know a lot of you dont care for her but I hope she is the next Bachelorette.
Ohhhhh. It was Lauren H’s leg. She looks like Mary Murphy from “so you think you can dance” but with a fatter leg. 
I really like how Andi got her points across. Such a lady about it all, but I really liked the points Sharleen made as well. 
I couldnt even comment on the dresses because all I saw was a bunch of knee caps. Couple of hot legs and a couple of bad ones. Well this episode was a dud but hopefully next weeks looks pretty crazy. I hope they both bail on his dumb ass.
Alright everyone I will talk to you soon.


  1. Shout out!!!

    I’m so mad that my first comment didn’t show up b/c I’m sure this one won’t be able to compare, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

    I did not like the muppet skit either. Wtf ABC? Just say no to the beard, Chris Harrison.

    Holy lots of spray tan, Kat. I loved how she sort of commanded the room though. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as the next Bachelorette. She’s at least entertaining.

    So Lauren crawled out from under the rock she’s been living beneath, but for what? Did she even talk? Her leg kept distracting me too, and her tan shirt with her bra that didn’t fit well, and not in a good way.

    Andi looked gorgeous. That dress was killer on her. I started to like her a little more but still can’t see her as the Bacherlorette. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Please just no. AND I loved the look that she gave when Sharlene said, “He seemed really curious about me.” Jealous ice daggers shot right out of her eyes straight to Sharlene, who I gained a lot of respect for last night. She has weird eyebrows though, but she looked gorgeous, and I love how she defended JP. He’s a douche, but I don’t think he means to be or realizes it.

    If I never see Free Spirit again or Dog Lover again, I’ll be alright. Seriously.

    Listening to Interpol in the background. I like it! A lot!

    1. Stoked. That album is 12 years old and it’s still sick.
      Dog lover and free spirit good luck in life. Hope fully they can work up to working at lens crafters/ dog lover and whole foods bagger/free spirit.

      Did you like my shout out b?

  2. I turned the show on long enough to watch Catherine say “quick fireworks” – laughed my ass off, but only on the inside and realized that was going to be the best moment of the show and my cold would be better served by sleeping so I crashed. But I love that you just referenced Mary Murphy and now I expect to be reading SYTYCD recaps every week from you this summer.

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