After a nice relaxing weekend getting to see my parents, Dinner with friends, Golf and a couple of workouts, I decided that the weekend would be perfect if I ended it with a nice fattening meal at In-N-Out. The closest In-N-Out is a few miles away next to the San Jose International airport. I got my food and sat outside and faced the runway as I usually do. Damn you airport. I watched all the planes take off and land and it always gets my brain thinking. So here it goes.

Where are all those people flying to? Where are they coming from? Why?

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA and it makes me realize that the only people in this whole entire world that I know are here with me. I mean I know people who live in other states but that is so minimal compared to the amount of people in this world. On planet earth I only know a tiny little portion of it and just a small handful of people in it.That kinda makes me sad. Especially when I interact with 100’s of people a day. I walk by someone every minute and don’t even bother to say hi or get to know them. It should be mandatory or something. haha. I only know what its like to live here and no where else on this huge planet. It takes a couple hundred dollars and I can be in any other state within hours or any other country. Why don’t I travel more? If I died tonight in my sleep I would be extremely upset with how my knowledge of the world works is pretty much non existent. I have grown up in one of the nicest places in the world and I haven’t even taken advantage of this. I get so consumed with work that I am letting life pass me by, and its happening too fast. Tourist come from all over the world to see things that are in my backyard……I’ve never visited Alcatraz. I’ve never been to Yosemite. There are little things I can do but I just dont. Well Mark my words. I am going to start. I want to do everything, see everything, and then check out the rest of what my country has to offer. Its stupid not to really. A few weeks ago I had always wanted to go on a hike in San Francisco just across the Golden Gate Bridge so I did it. I was there and back in a couple of hours and its something I had always wanted to do. A place I always wanted to go. A spot on earth that I always wanted to be at.



Back to the airport. Everybody really hates airports and the security lines and the flight delays….But really its a blessing that we get the opportunity to get on a plane and go thousands of miles away in a few hours. Imagine the world before airplanes. If I thought I was grounded in San Jose now, I couldnt even imagine. Every time I am on a flight I really take the time to talk to the person next to me. Its a special moment in time if you want it to be. Think about it….My last flight I sat and talked with this guy for about an hour. Complete stranger. Odds are I will never ever see him again in my lifetime so why was it he felt he needed to tell me all about his family and his kids? I will never see him again nor will I ever meet his family. Why did we talk about work? I will never ever work with him. To me its like he is reporting to me what is happening in his part of the world. He might be where ever he lives one day telling a story about a flight he took and the guy next to him was really cool and interesting. When the flight landed he said “until we meet again”. Something about that really resonated with me. I couldn’t forget it. We were never going to meet again because the world is so big…..But what if we did?

I’m not really sure what I am trying to say, or what point I am trying to make but I just feel really small right now. I want to try to make an impact on more peoples lives. Sometimes it doesn’t take very much…..maybe even a simple “Hello” as I pass by………

San Jose will always be my home but maybe its time I see how other people live in this world.




  1. I never really thought about how small we are. I grew up in a small town where everyone says hello no matter what, so it stuck with me when I moved here. I’m very friendly and always offer at the very least, a smile, but most of the time, I say “hello.” Sometimes I wonder if it’s the only word that person hears all day. I’m alone a lot, so I know what it’s like to not talk to another person all day, especially now that I don’t work.

    On an airplane is a different story because I always have a book that I’m dying to read when I fly. I will usually make small talk until the drinks are served. Then I open my book, unless the person is really interesting. I have a feeling, if we ever sit next to each other on a plane, I won’t be reading anything.

    Good post, B.

    1. Thanks but I really couldnt get into words what I was trying to say. This is something I needed to express over a drink with someone or over the phone. I couldnt get it out. Frustrating really……I know in my head what I think and what I meant. I guess that’s all that really matters.

  2. I kick myself all the time for not traveling more but then when I do travel I get thrown so off of my routine – my sleep and my food and all that – that I wind up with a migraine at some point. I remember going to Italy and almost missing the statue of David because of a stupid migraine. Anyway, totally not the point of your story, I know that. I get what you mean I think. We all mean to do all these things but get caught up in our daily lives and all this time just keeps passing. And we walk around looking down at our phones instead of interacting with the people right next to us. It’s a weird weird world we live in…

    1. Exactly. We all are so stuck in our daily routines that we ignore all the little things in life that could make us happier. Going out to dinner with friends now is more like “hey come out to eat with me and we can check our phones together”. The world is a really big place and I need to take advantage of the people who live in my area…..who knows. I might meet some really interesting people. I just booked my flight to San Diego and Palm Springs for this summer but I need to go to the other side of the country. See what its all about over there.

      1. SD and PS are great places! Hmmm wait, did you say Palm Springs this summer? Hope you like it hot! I usually go for a weekend in the spring but after that it’s too much for me.
        But big picture wise – that’s a great start. We don’t have to go far to have big adventures.

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