Give a Hoot

I just stumbled upon this looking for an old email. Its a letter I wrote to Hooters after eating there years ago. Enjoy.

This is the email I sent to Hooters plus the responses.


Why are the ladies who work at Hooters wearing Jane Fonda’s workout gear from the 70’s? Its 2011. Why has the corporation never updated their outfits? I mean I go to Hooters because of the awesome happy hour and watch sports. Yes, its a bonus there are all ladies working there. Yes, the beer and food taste the same no matter what they wear BUT why not an update? Who wears scrunchy socks anymore(excluding the 80’s parties)? Who wears Richard Simmons shorts? The answer is no one. Why not put them in shorts that like volleyball players wear or something. There are hundreds of cuter outfits out there that can match this century. Why not try something new. The outfits they wear are not very flattering and mostly because no one wears that stuff or havent in the last 20 years. The tanks are timeless I will give you that. Do away with those awful shorts and awful socks. I understand Hooters is legendary for its attire and pretty much a trademark but whats wrong with a small change? 

Just something I think about every time I go to Hooters. I also understand its a family restaurant and there are regulations but lets face it….the majority of the customers are men. Might as well make them all do their hair like Farrah Fawcett and completely pull off the 70’s look. 

Thanks for listening.

First response

Dear Mr. Dave:

We at the Hooters Hotline received your comments regarding the Hooters Girls’ uniforms. We genuinely apologize for the poor choice. We appreciate your taking the time to write us.  Feedback such as yours helps us identify ways to improve in our continuous quest to deliver the ultimate Hooters guest experience.

Because we want to share your remarks with our restaurant, we have forwarded your message to the area supervisor. Our desire is to make Hooters your choice once again for terrific food, beverages, and fun.

Thank you, Mr. Dave, for sharing your comments.  We apologize again and look forward to making your next Hooters visit a pleasant and memorable one.

Should you like more information about us, please visit us on the Web at


Hooters Hotline…We give a Hoot!

P.S. Please retain the ticket number located below. This will help us locate your information should you need us again.

2nd email response

Hi Dave,
We like your your Farrah Fawcett idea and are looking into it..
Thank you for your continued patronage!


  1. Why do they call you Mr. Dave? Is it like your beer guy that calls you “buddy?” I don’t believe the second email is real. I want to see it in real life. And why the hell are you posting this when you have an assignment to do?

  2. I got offered the opportunity to go to Australia for a month to open a Hooter’s down there about 10 years ago. I hate their uniforms with a passion but thought a month in Australia might be worth it. Sadly my passport had expired and there was no time to get it renewed or I might have sucked it up and done it.

    1. Australia would have been dope. I want to go there soooo bad but not to open a Hooters. Eff that place. Besides the stupid clothing those poor girls have to wear, their food is horrible. I dont even know if I would eat there again. Plus the one by my house always has the “C” team working. That place should be called “guts”.

      1. I think I’ve eaten there twice but it’s not the type of place I’d ever say, hey let’s go to Hooters! lol

  3. Those socks really are terrible. That’s what I think about every time I am forced to go there too. Also, who wears white socks with shorts and sneakers? So tacky!

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