And the worst blogger award goes to………………..


Fuck, I suck so bad these days. To the 3 people who follow me I apologize for being such a dud lately. Your boy has been busy but I promise to get a solid story in soon. I feel like I have a lot to talk about. Mostly a lot of short stories and nothing time consuming to read. 

And if you were one of the people to nominate me for the Leiber award(did I spell that right?), sorry for not replying. Its mostly because I didn’t know anyone to nominate back. Plus everyone I follow had already been nominated so I didn’t want to nominate the same peeps over and over. Speaking of peeps, Happy Easter…..whenever it is.

Don’t give up on me just yet. Your mom hasn’t.

Happy birthday everyone. That’s preemptive since I will forget when it actually comes around.


  1. Slacker. I agree with Mandi, just answer the questions. Screw the rules – which is what I said in my own post about it. We nominated you so you could have fun with it. Go balls to the wall with your answers, forget everything else.

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