Answers to questions that I forgot who asked in the first place

So I am not the best blogger and I get that. last week someone sent me some award thing that I didnt know what to do with. There were questions that I was supposed to answer but I wasnt sure what to do with them. I am new to this so deal with it…………Well, here are the answers. I think they are from my friend cellulitelooksbettertan, Miss Celly if you nasty.


1.  Who is number one on your exemption list?  Well since I am single and can do whatever the fuck I want to, I don’t have a list right now….When I do get into a relationship, this is the list I am going to present to my girlfriend….I might wait until the second date though…

Candice Swanepoel and Nancy O’dell from TV. I have too many but these are going to be at the top of my list. Im super into fitness chicks.

2.  What is your favorite smell and why? That’s easy. Cocaine……………… Just kidding. I dont do any drugs…Just alcohol.

Purple. No, not grape. Purple. I’m aware purple is not a smell but for some reason you cant smell grape without thinking purple. So when I smell grape the only thing I think of is the color. I have just always thought that as a little kid. Remember that commercial where the kids opens up the fridge and they are looking for something to drink? “water, purple stuff, sunny D”…..Secretly I am a little black kid who wants the purple drink.

3.  What book can you read over and over again.  If you’re not into books, what movie never gets old? I can watch basically any Will Ferrell movie over and over. LOVE stepbrothers, anchorman, Talladega Nights, and a lot of people sleep on this movie but The other guys is hilarious. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now and read the rest of my answers later. You’re welcome.

4.  What is the story behind your blog name? Being from Northern California,  saying the word hella is just normal to me. Granted I am a grown ass man but its still part of my California heritage. The buzzed part of it is because your boy likes to party and have a good time! hahaha. Anytime you ask me if I am drunk I will always answer “Nope, Just buzzed”. Catch me at the right moment and I am sure I will say ” I’m Hella Buzzed” at least once through out the night.

5.  What is your favorite song and why? Music is such a huge part of my life and always has been. At this exact moment I would say Kings of Leon-Wait for me. Such a beautiful song and just sounds perfect to me. I just saw them live last week. Amazing show and love their music. I have too many music loves at the moment and it changes daily.

6.  What is your least favorites song, the one that makes your put your fingers in your ears and say “lalalalala”? I actually would be ok if I never heard the Gangnam style song ever again. My aunt set up a flash mob for my grandmas 80th birthday party at a restaurant and that was the song. My aunt lied to me and told me it was another song because she knew how much I hated that song. Dont believe me? I dont know where the original video is but this is how it went down. Fuck I hate that song.

7.  What’s the best book you’ve read lately?  Dear Stephanie……BY an amazing writer.

8.  What did the last text you sent say?  Word for word. (K does not count.  If “K” was your last text, then I want to know what your second to last text said.)  “What if that was Nike’s slogan? Then just do it” )

9.  What gives you the heebie jeebies?  Pennies. Pennies are fucking disgusting and gross and no body likes them. Poor Abe Lincoln got screwed. He is on the worst coin of them all. Its actual real money but If I see that shit on the street do you think I am bending over to pick up a penny? Hell no. Cost me 14 cents just to bend over and I don’t have time for that. They smell gross and feel slimy and clammy. If someone poured a bucket of pennies on my bed I would move.

10.  Do close talkers bother you as much as they do me?  If so, why? If someone is talking to me so close that it makes me cross eyed and uncomfortable….than Fuck that! Back the shit up sir. There is no need for someone to be that close to me telling me a story about traffic or whatever they were talking about.

11.  What are you wearing?  I’m not even kidding. I am wearing some black Cole Haan shoes and grey slacks with a mostly white button up shirt with pastel blue and light pink stripes(from far away it looks white). And just put on a North face jacket because it is colder than balls in my office. Oh and a nike Fuel band around my wrist and boxers and socks…..and a Nautica undershirt.


Your mom


  1. I cant stop laughing at the “It costs me 14 cents just to bend over.” I don’t bend over for less than 25 cents. But I have back problems.

  2. Fuggin finally! Thanks for answering my questions that took me hours to create. Gawd…it was like pulling teeth with you.

    Pennies…that’s interesting. I love Maurnas comment^^^!

    Purple. I’m wearing a purple shirt. Does that mean I smell like grapes?

    I love Will Ferrel. He’s on my list…somewhere in the 200’s.

    Oh, and thanks for including your underwear in your answer. I’m actually kind of relieved you’re not going commando.

    And I know for a fact that wasn’t your last text. I want to know what your last text said today. Respond to my comment with that. Look at me with the orders…

    ~celly belly

  3. hah! What Maurnas said!

    Except for me it’s 50 cents since we don’t have pennies. Or shillings. Or ha’pennies…

    I don’t have back problems though. I’m just a picky bitch.

  4. Okay!
    Now this was something I could at least follow.
    I tried to read your other posts, but I don’t watch that show, I will never watch that show, and I had no clue what you were talking about!

    Grape I can totally get behind. And pennies DO suck.

    A Gangum Style flash mob for your grandma’s 80th birthday? For real? That’s kinda hilarious (no disrespect to your grandma.) I’m just imagining it. It’s pretty funny.

    Okay, now you get to visit my blog. Eventually. Maybe.

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