I need more followers….

What do I do? Maybe it will get me to write more. A lot of weird shit happens to me that I would like to share, but no one reads them.

I’ve heard shirtless picture but I’m not really trying to be the town slut…..or am I?



  1. I’m pretty new at this still, but what I learned is that writing great stuff is first, on a regular basis, but it’s also important to engage others on their blogs. Comment, start conversations, and good things will happen πŸ™‚

    1. Ok thank you. I’m just extremely busy at work for 10 hours a day and most everyone writes a book a day. I can’t keep up. I am not a great writer like the people on here. I just like to have fun. Hopefully my stories will make someone laugh here and there. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I don’t post everyday, but I do engage in everyone else’s blogs a lot. Mainly because I think they are awesome so I love keeping up with them all.

    I always want to write more, but between work, classes, life and other things I usually end up typing up at least something once a week or twice a week time permitting.

    Just write dearling, write and they will come. Eventually. At least that’s the philosophy I’m sticking to.

    And comment. I’m happy to pimp you on my blog, although I can’t say that I have millions of people following me either πŸ˜‰

      1. Not sure that’s going to get you readers, but if they are anything like mine they’ll defo get you laid πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m not sure, I’m like the 7th worst blogger ever, but I have a few followers and I would be glad to post something at my blog to link back to you. I write comfytownchronicles.com and it’s a humor blog. Well usually. Kind of. Sometimes.
    See how great I am at selling this shit?

    1. I also noticed that when people post on a certain day I’ll try to head over on that day. I post on Monday just because I’m caught on sleep on that day. Only. Also I visit abeerfortheshower.com on Monday so I know I’ll be at my keyboard. Some people say Fridays are the best day for traffic. I dunno I’m exhausted and hungover on Fridays.

    2. Haha. No need to pimp me out but thank you. The pressure may be too much. Im just going to do my best to write something funny and hope someone enjoys it.

      1. Yous welcome! I think you’re on to something there… Like ummm shirtless Sundays… And every Sunday you write something super fantastic with an inclusion of a super detailed description of your lack of shirtness… (That way we get the deets without the actual teets if you will)

      2. Good point… But I recall you saying in one of your posts that you work out so I’ll take my chances. Again though, all the more reason to post the picture

  4. I would tell you, but you refuse to listen. The best thing you can do is read and support others. I’m bringing back the penis monologues soon. If you comment on that, you’re gonna get some traffic. For sure. Hang in here, B. Maybe if you posed shirtless and in white shorts. It’s just an idea.

    1. Ok I will listen to you. You have never steered me in the wrong direction b. I trust you. Shirtless might get me some traffic though. hahah. what do you think?

  5. Engage with people on their blogs and yours. Connect via Social Media – Twitter is good. Content is king and be yourself you can’t do what everyone else does. Do what you do.

    I don’t have tons of followers either, because there is just not that Manny hours in the day.

  6. Well… I’m following you now, if that means something… I’m sure it doesn’t, but…you know.

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