Turn down for what?

Well I can name a few things. How about:
Turn down for bed
Turn Down for work
Turn down for cleaning
Turn down so your neighbors dont get mad at you
Turn down for church
Turn down for eating
Turn down for taking your dog to the dog park

I have heard this damn song so much that it makes me miss Gangnam Style. So a little about me…..I love music. I am currently in a music slump so any suggestions would be helpful. I just bought tickets to see my favorite band in Oakland in a few short weeks. Interpol. I cant wait. I also just bought my mom Rascal Flatts tickets for her birthday so that should be fun. I am going to rent a limo and the whole nine. I also have a few Dave Matthews shows to go to later this year but I am kinda over them. I have seen them about 50 times now so you can see why. I still like DMB but I enjoy other music so much more. My most favorite thing I am doing this summer/Oct is ACL(Austin City Limits). I have never even been to Texas before let alone a music festival there. I am super excited and I cant wait to just stroll around and get lost. If you have any tips or places that I must see and get drunk at please let me know.

If you have an album from beginning to end is a must have, please let me know. I am down to try anything at this point and I trust you since you have read this far.

Turn down for traffic


    1. My range is all over the place. I like to think that I like everything. I’m not really into reggae but anything else. I also hate plays and musicals do that genre can kiss my grits. I also don’t listen to the radio much. I just like good music. The bands that I am into changes all the time. What’s like your fav all time album? If I haven’t heard it I will listen to it.

  1. Oh my gawd! Austin! My other love! You are going to have such a wicked time there.

    Awwwww I’m so jelli!

    1. I dont get it really either…I think when some people say “turn up” or “turnt up” its like the opposite. Turn down for what? How about because I am too old for this shit! thats what! haha

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