Month: August 2014

Back to my future

I am not sure why but I feel like I need to share this story with someone….but I am going to.

Today during my lunch break I took off with a coworker and went down the street to a local sandwich shop. I waited patiently in line because the area is jam packed during the lunch rush. It was my turn and I walk up to the young kid and ordered my sandwich. He asks me how my day is going and I reply that its not too bad actually. I let him know I was a little tired and needed to refuel with food. He asked me what time I had to work til. I said “Until I am done”. He was shocked by my answer for some reason. Anyway’s we were doing a bit more small talk and eventually he says to me that he still has a few more hours at this lame job then has to leave for school. I asked him what was wrong with the job and he says “It doesn’t pay very well and I feel stupid that I have to work here”….I don’t know what came over me but I felt like I was looking at me 20 years ago or something. I cant explain exactly, but it was weird. I told him Don’t EVER feel ashamed of making an honest living especially while you are going to school. There are people out in the world robbing and stealing for what you are doing honestly everyday. I then pointed to a guy like 5 people back and said See that guy in the suit? Do you think that he gets paid a lot of money? He said I would think so. I said most likely he does but do you think he started out as young as you making that kind of money? And would you guess that he went to school? I seriously felt like I was talking to misguided me as a kid. I explained to him that It didn’t really matter where he went to school, if at all or how much money he made. What mattered was how hard he had to work to get where he wanted to be. I told him that I bet you that guy in the suit worked at a place just like this when he was your age. He is not better than you because of his clothing. He just has more experience with life. I told the kid that if you are the one making his sandwich after I leave to ask him what sort of jobs he had growing up. I bet you will be surprised.

Tomorrow when you walk in to Starbucks to get your coffee and the kid that helps makes a mistake, or acts a bit timid, Its ok…..That was you 20 years ago. That kid is trying to get where you are today and is scared of the world. Don’t let them be afraid. Help them. You are no better than they are. Just older and wiser.

When I was paying I told the kid that I appreciated his hard work and if it wasn’t for him I may not have eaten today. What you think is a “lame job” is actually helping out more people than you realize. Everyone is this world has their role. Its up to you to make sure its always changing. I hope he understood what I was telling him…..He probably didn’t but you never know. He might get it in 20 years.

As I was walking out I told him one last thing.

“Its never too early to start shopping for suits. Have fun getting to where you want to be”

That one song………

Every now and again I hear a song and something about it just moves me. Is it the words? I dont know. Is it the music? I dont know. All that I know is that everything about it combined together just works for me. Love this song and band. Small group from New Zealand who are going to blow up one day and I thought I would spread the word before they do.

Broods. Check them out if you can.

Most amazing song. It really pulls on my heart stings, whatever that means. Your mom has heart strings.



Did I just go on a date?

In my town they just finished construction on the new home of the San Francisco 49ers and let me tell you….The stadium is sick. Last Saturday they had the very first ever event there and I just had to go. It was for the San Jose Earthquakes soccer. Apparently its a professional team we have that I dont know about because I am not that Mexican. I didnt care what or who was going to be there but I couldnt miss it. I knew I wasnt going to watch the game but I was just going to wonder around and take pics….and drink beers. Mission accomplished. Its only about 10 minutes from my house but since I watch the news I knew it was going to be a straight up cluster fuck trying to get in that zoo. We parked across the street at a golf course. I had an extra ticket so I ended up selling it to my buddies friend and they met us in the parking lot while we tailgated. The chick that bought it was kinda semi cute but no real attraction. Did I just get set up on a blind date? Fuck, I hope not because I dont like that. We had discussed before the game that we both couldnt give a rats about the game and our goal was to drink and eat as much as possible. Done and done. That place was super expensive and I told her the $50 she owed me we would just spend on drinks anyways.

. Everyone pretty much got split up the second we got in the building. So we were in line at one point to get these sausage things that we saw everyone eating and I asked her “ohhh are you going to get the grilled onions and all that stuff” She says ” I don’t know because I feel like we are going to make out later”…..Ummm excuse me? Who do you think I am?……..I told her “well why don’t we just get it out of the way now so that way we can both get it with the onions and peppers, plus we don’t have to stand around like a bunch of 15 year old kids figuring out if we should kiss or not later”….So we shared a little smooch and we both laughed about it. I think it had a lot to do with my sponsor of the evening…..Coors light but that’s besides the point. I dragged her through the crowd by her hand and the rest of the night we joked about being on a date. Everything was like ” are we having our first fight?” or “I think we should break up”. Little stupid jokes like that but it was funny. The stadium shares a parking lot with an amusement park here in San Jose so by the end of the game there were fireworks. I joked and told her that now she can tell everyone she saw fireworks on our first date. hahahah………….Long story short I am pretty sure she thought I was gay. hahahahahahah. Fuckin’ bitch.

She was an esthetician and it came up that I wax my legs. She is going to judge me? She waxes peoples vagina’s and gunk holes and she wants to act like I’m weird?

Moral of the story is if they open a new stadium in your city don’t be called gay in it.